A choice of fabulous family getaways to Peru ranging from Soft Adventure and Amazon Rainforest experience to cultural visits of a new 7 wonder of the world – Machu Picchu.

complete amazon jungle iquitos
, 3 Days - 2 Nights

Complete Amazon Jungle. This excursion into the Amazon to explore the myths, mysteries and magic of the world’s most exotic...

Amazon Jungle and Canopy Walkway iquitos
, 4 Days - 3 Nights

Amazon Jungle with Canopy walkway special. Adventure with the Canopy Walkway spanning over 500 meters (one-third of a mile), connected...

rainbow mountain vinincunca cusco
10% Off
Group Discounts
, 1 Day

Rainbow mountain Vinincunca. Located in the Peruvian Andes in Cusco just 3 hours away from the historical center, Rainbow Mountain...

7 Days - 6 Nights

Gran Tour of Peru by Train. Start in Cusco and end in Arequipa! With the private / custom tour Gran...

Lima - Amazon - Machu Picchu - Lake titicaca - family tours
12 Days - 11 Nights

Lima – Amazon Jungle – Machu Picchu – Lake Titicaca. Leave hustle and bustle in the rear-view mirror on this...

machu picchu & atacama desert tour package
10 Days - 9 Nights

Machu Picchu and Atacama Desert. Discover the History of Peru and Natural attraction of Atacama Desert in Chile, come and...

About us Sun God Peru
10 Days - 9 Nights

Lima – Ballestas Island – Nazca Lines – Machu Picchu. Because your family wants to travel and relax knowing Peru,...

sandoval lake lodge tambopata
, 3 Days - 2 Nights

Sandoval Lake Lodge is one of the most beautiful lakes in Peru; a great body of water protected in the...

Mountains of Peru 8 days tour
10 Days - 9 Nights

Family Cultural and Nature Tours. Start at Lima and end the Rainforest! With the Family Cultural and Nature tour, you...

A desert filled with experiences tour
Group Discounts
2 Days - 1 Night

A desert filled with experiences The vast Ica desert offers a wealth of experiences. Let’s begin with the most well-known:...

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