These tours are operated by SUN GOD PERU. at Villa Los Ayllus I-1 San Jeronimo. Cusco – Peru, Purchase our tours either through your professional travel agent or directly with SUN GOD PERU. SUN GOD PERU can provide valuable assistance in choosing appropriate international airfare.

Contact your travel agent or SUN GOD EPRU to confirm space avail¬ability. We will normally hold a provisional place for one week with no deposit payment.

Read the booking information carefully. By paying your deposit you acknow¬ledge that you under¬stand and agree to the following terms and conditions.

Complete the Trip Application, sign the As¬sumption of Risk and Release of Liability, and forward this docu¬ment along with your non-refundable deposit of US$250 per applicant. If you are making the booking directly, send to Sun God Expeditions Tours E.I.R.L. tour our bank account in the attached document.

For trips involving Galapagos cruises, international air and/or other services requiring additional deposits, we will advise you of the amount required for your initial deposit. Since your deposit is non-refundable, we suggest you purchase travel insurance at the time you book.

Once we have received your deposit and trip application, we’ll confirm your place on the tour, send you the most current detailed itinerary listing all meals and other inclusions, plus a packing list and other information to help you prepare for your adventure.

The cost of our tours includes no travel insurance. We require that all our passengers obtain travel insurance that provides a minimum of $50,000 coverage for medical/dental expense and emergency medical transportation. A policy with these provisions com¬mon¬ly provides financial compensation, refunds and/or other benefits in case of trip cancellation, trip inter¬ruption, travel delay, and baggage loss or delay. We can assist you with arranging the travel insurance or you may purchase it through outside sources. We must receive documentation of valid coverage prior to issuing your travel confirmation.

Carry your travel insurance policy along with your valuable travel documents. If at the commence-ment of tour services the passenger is unable to document valid insurance coverage, your tour leader may refuse to provide the tour services unless and until such insurance is purchased. In such a circumstance, the pass¬enger has no claim against the company or its local agent.

In emergency situations, neither SUN GOD PERU nor our local agents will be liable to meet any expenses should your insurance coverage be inadequate in any respect.

When obtaining travel insurance, the passenger must make the insurance provider aware of the type of travel for which you are buying insurance.

Full payment is due by wire transfer or money order 8 weeks prior to commence¬ment of your services (PCS). If you book your trip within 8 weeks PCS, full payment is due when we confirm your par¬ticipation.
If we do not receive pay¬ment by the due date, SUN GOD PERU reserves the right to treat the rese¬rvation as can¬celed. Your deposit is forfeited under such circumstances.

To guarantee services for custom itineraries or add-ons, we may re¬quire that you pay additional deposits prior to final balance.

After we have confirmed your tour services, each time you request a change requiring us to rework res¬ervations, we reserve the right to levy a US$25 administrative service charge plus the cost of in¬ter-national communications, express mail, and any non-recoverable supplier charges. If you transfer to another trip, cancellation fees apply as detailed below.

We must receive written notification of your de-cision to cancel a trip. Based upon date of receipt, the fol¬lowing charges apply: If you cancel your trip up to 45 days PCS, we retain non-recoverable supplier ex¬penses (such as air tickets, hotel and boat charter pre-payments) plus your deposit payment. Note: we prepay Galapagos boat balances 8 weeks prior to sailing date, so non-recoverable expenses are high within 8 weeks PCS. From 44 days to 22 days PCS we retain non-recoverable supplier costs plus 50% of the balance of invoiced services. Within 22 days PCS we retain 100% of your trip payments.

We publish this catalog many months prior to your trip. We do all in our pow¬¬er to avoid increasing trip prices. In exceptional circum¬stan¬ces, we reserve the right to amend prices without prior not¬ice. An in¬crease in trip price shall not be suf¬fi¬cient grounds for cancel¬lation of the tour.

Certain situations may arise during the tour which are beyond the control of the guides or passen-gers. SUN GOD PERU re¬serves the right to modify or withdraw any tour arrange¬ments when deemed necessary in the interest of safety and security of passen¬gers. In such instances of force majeure, SUN GOD PERU, at its sole discretion, may offer either an optional or alternative activity for any portion that has been canceled, or a pro rata refund. If changes due to force majeure entail additional costs, such costs are the responsibility of the passenger.

While we rarely cancel our depart¬ures, we reserve the right to do so up to 30 days PCS. In such a case, we will offer you alternative arrange¬ments. If you do not accept these, we will refund all payments you made to SUN GOD PERU. In the event that we are forced to cancel a departure, we are not responsible for your trip preparation expenses such as non-refundable air tickets, doctor’s fees, inoculations and medications, passports and visas, and personal equipment.

Airlines typically charge a fee for date changes, ticket re-issues and cancel¬lations on most ex-cursion fares. In the event that you are forced to make changes, your travel insurance policy may or may not cover these charges.

No partial refunds will be given for unused hotel rooms, meals, or other pre-arranged tour services.

If a trip is tier-priced, your tour cost depends on the number of full-revenue participants traveling. If a group roster grows or shrinks, your final cost may change from your original invoiced amount, according to our published rate. If the land cost of a tier-priced trip decreases after you have paid your balance, we will re¬fund the difference.

You must send us your inter¬national flight routing. You must reconfirm your interna¬tional flight res-ervation at least 72 hours prior to your departure, and advise us of any changes in the prior detail.

On our fixed dep¬art¬ures, accommodation is based on double occupancy for hotels, tents, and yachts. We reserve the right to substitute hotels of com-parable quality for those listed in itineraries.

Single accommodation is available on most de-partures for supplemental cost. If you are tra¬veling alone and wish single accommodation, please indicate this on your trip application. We will add the single hotel supp¬le¬ment to your final bill. If you indi¬cate you are willing to share accom¬modation, we will attempt to match you with a room-mate of the same gender. If none is avail¬able, we do not charge for “forced” single accom¬modation on our fixed departure pro¬grams. For add-ons and custom services, we bill for all single hotel accommodation.

Our published itineraries include complete details of exclusions for that tour. SUN GOD PERU is not respon¬sible for additional hotel nights, transfers, and meals which may be required by individual travel ar¬range¬ments at variance with our published itin¬eraries. Individual expenses which may be forced by airline scheduling changes, canceled flights, missed connections or by other factors beyond our control are the responsibility of the passenger.

Being physically fit prior to your de¬parture will great¬ly enhance your travel exper¬ience. We strongly rec¬om¬mend that you visit your doctor and dentist before your holiday. Ask your doctor about current inoculation require¬ments.

If you are in doubt about your phys¬ical capacity to complete the tour, re¬view the itinerary with your physician. Details of pre-existing medical con¬di-tions must be for¬warded to SUN GOD PERU. Although your trip leader will carry a first-aid kit, medical facilities and per¬sonnel capable of attending to ser¬ious prob¬lems are rarely available in the remote areas we visit. Evacua¬tion can be pro-longed, difficult, and expensive. While your health and safety during your trip are our primary concern, SUN GOD PERU is not a medical facility. We assume no respon¬sibility or liability regarding provision of medical care.

The trip leader has the right to disqualify anyone at any time for being physically or mentally inca¬p¬able, or for endangering group safety. Refunds are not given under such circumstances.

You understand and accept that par¬ticipating in your tour may expose you to inherent dangers, among these being the hazards of traveling in remote and/or mount¬ain¬ous terrain, emotional trauma, accident or illness in re¬mote places with-out medical facilities, forces of nature, the hazards of war and civil insurrection, and hazards of traveling by air, water, or land by various convey-ances, and other hazards of such trip or vacation including but not limited to food, lodging and transportation.

If you are dissatisfied with the ser¬vices or some other aspect of your tour, you must first inform the tour leader and/or our local repre¬senta¬tive in order that the tour leader and/or local representative may attempt to correct the situation. Any further complaint must be put in writing to your travel agent or to SUN GOD PERU within 30 days of the end of the tour.