Horseback trip to Inka Raccay

1 Day

Horseback trip to inka Raccay. This mountain, Apu Wanakaure is located about 13 klm. south of the city of Cusco at an elevation of 4100 masl. ( or 13,451 ft.) It is part of a solid, rocky massif that includes the major peaks of this región of the Andes. According to the Spanish chroniclers and Andean mythology Wanakuare is a huaca, a sacred place, and an oracular place. It is one of the most important sites in Incan history.

This rocky promotory is full of archeological ruins. It is of early Inca construction with walls 25 in. wide and over 6 ft. high. The stones were quarried and worked and are held together with adode mud. There are religious temples dedicated to the cult of the Sun god. The Sun was the most important deity of the Incas. According to historic dating methods, the Wanakaure structures date back to the mythic period of the foundation of the Inca Empire. It is where the Ayar Brothers arrived in the Cusco valley, where Ayar Manco first viewed the future capital city, and where Ayar Huchu was turned into stone.

Elevation: 4,100 masl – 13,451 feet
Distance :13 Km.
Time of Journey: 7 hours aprox
Level of Difficulty : Class IV
Experience Required ; Intermediate or Advanced Level
Fields of Interest along the Route: Archeology, history, scenic views, flora, fauna, and adventure.

We begin our excursión by picking up our clients at their respective hotels. We will take them over to the stables at Fundo Molleray which is located 15 minutes away from the Cusco airport. There we will have a short presentation about safety and explain the details of our route. Then you will meet our horses.

Every client will be given a suitable horse, all saddled up and ready to go. There will be a warm-up session where you will get to know your horse and how to use the equipment. Then we will head out through the fields full of barley, corn, and potatoes. We will cross over a few small rivers, and into a forest of eucalyptus trees. We will pass through the village of Wilcarpay where we will see the friendly people of the Andes going about their daily business, and tending their fields and their animals.

At the next creek, we will take a break before beginning our first 300 yard ascent. Then there will be another 200 yard ascent up a gentle incline along an Incan pathway where the Ayar Brothers used to travel. The first Inca ruins complex that we will viisit is called Inka Raccay. We will dismount, rest up, and walk around the site.

We will continue riding through an old Incan quarry and head up a rocky mountain trail. We will pass through various ecological zones and leave behind the fertile valley and go up to the puna. We will go through the pass at Puna Cancha (3,932 masl. or 12,900 ft. ) and continue on along the Incan trail that leads up the back of Apu Wanakaure. We will ride along the flank of the hill until we arrive at the ruins. There we will again dismount to show our respect to the Apu. Then we will explore

the archeological site. We will visit the low part first, and then go up to the highest part at the peak of the mountain at an elevation of 4,100 masl. or 13,451 ft. From here you will have a 360 degree panoramic view of the entire Cusco Valley.

There is a chullpa at the summit where people have made offering and venerated the mountain since time immemorial. From here you will be able to appreciate the beauty of the fertile Cusco Valley and the snow-capped surrounding peaks. We will make our own offering of thanks to the Apu for helping us to arrive here safely.

Then we will ride back to the stables, and from there we will drive you over to your hotel. That is where our service ends.


  • Pick up at your hotel, transportation to our stables, and return.
  • Transportation is in a private auto or H-! van
  • Peruvian Paso Fino Horses
  • Saddles, bridle, and tack
  • Saddle bags to carry your personal gear
  • Small saddle bag for your rain poncho or jacket
  • Riding gloves made by Heritage and recommended by the U.S Equestrian Federation
  • Helmet made by Troxel and recommended by the U.S. Equestrian Federation
  • Expert mounted guide
  • One assistant guide for every 4 riders
  • The Picnic includes:
  • ½ liter bottle of water
  • Triple Sándwich ( ham, egg, tomato, avocado, and chicken )
  • Mango or peach juice
  • Chocolate Snickers or Twix Bar
  • Lemon or chicha flavored hard candies
  • Granola bar with kwicha and raisins

Not Include

  • Extras, flights, tips

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Horseback trip to Inka Raccay
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/ Adult
  • Peruvian Paso Fino Horses