Ten indispensable items for hikers

camino inca 3Walks are always a fun option when on holiday, or just when you want to get a break from the city. In Peru there are hundreds of walks that can be embarked on by people with little or no experience… and that can end up being an unforgettable experience.

Once you’ve decided on the route that you’re going to take, the next thing to do is to pack your rucksack. Sometimes it’s difficult to find nearby places to buy provisions so you have to be prepared in plenty of time, to be able to find all you’ll need. We bring you some basics that you will need on your trip.

1. Water
During the walk, you’ll need to drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration. One bottle is not enough, as the weather could be hotter than you’d expected, and you don’t know how your body will react to the exercise. If your pack is getting full or heavy, water is not something you should save space on.

2. Coat
The weather is unpredictable and a beautiful sunny day can become a rainy, miserable one in a moment! Don’t forget to pack a thin, waterproof coat to protect yourself from the wind or a possible rain shower. Don’t pack anything too heavy, as you’ll have to carry it for the whole walk, whether it rains or not.

3. First aid kit
You can’t leave home without a first aid kit in your bag. It includes things like alcohol, band-aids, bandages, cotton, scissors, gauzes, and surgical tape. This is just a basic kit, and you should add relevant items that you could need, such as allergy medication.

4. Sun block and mosquito repellent
Protecting yourself from the sun has to be a priority during your walk. Don’t forget to pack sun block with a high SPF (radiation is high in Peru) and a lip balm to avoid chapped and split lips. Cover yourself in plenty of mosquito repellent, especially if you’re going to be walking in places with a lot of vegetation, as there’s nothing like a body covered in mosquito bites to ruin a walk!

5. Hat and sunglasses
As well as sun block, complete your sun protection with a cap or hat and sunglasses. The shades won’t just serve to protect your eyes from the sun; they’ll also be useful keeping the dust out of your eyes.

6. Knife

It’s always useful to have a small knife in your backpack in case you have to open a bag, cut a cord, or for use in case of an accident.

7. Snacks
On any walk, short or long, you need to have something to eat. On short routes, pack light and easy to carry items, but ones that give you a lot of energy, like granola bars, energy bars, fruit, maní, etc.

8. Torch
This is much more necessary on long walks than shorts ones, but it’s always a good idea to have a torch handy.

9. Towel
Some paths will take you close to waterfalls or lakes in which you’re allowed to bathe. Another use for the towel is to dry you when it’s a hot day and you’re sweating buckets!

10. Plastic bags
You’ll need these to keep hold of the remains of your meal and any trash during your walk. You can also keep wet or dirty clothes separate from the rest of the stuff in your bag, if need be.

Happy trekking!

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